Clockwork Briefcase

Clockwork BriefcaseClockwork Briefcase is the award winning electronic bomb deactivation game I am currently working on. It is a cooperative multiplayer game which simulates a real electronic bomb in the briefcase.

The basics of the game are as follows: one player is faced with a ticking bomb, and knows nothing about how to deactivate it, while the other player, who is playing the role of bomb deactivation expert, has the deactivation instructions in his hands, printed on paper, but he/she cannot see the bomb. The key to solving this puzzle is in communication between the players. The player that can see the bomb has to explain what he sees, for example, what are the param-eters are on the displays, and the player who is the "deactivation expert" has to use this infor-mation to interpret the rules and to instruct him as to what to do – for example which wire to pull out, or which password to type in, etc.

Clockwork Briefcase

Production prototype

After the last module is deactivated, the timer will stop ticking and the bomb will be defused. If a mistake is made, or if the time runs out, the game ends.

Each of nine modules represent a different game. Some modules contain more than one game. All puzzles are procedurally generated, which guarantees practically infinite number of variations to ensure that problems and solutions will be different each time.

Clockwork Briefcase prorotype

The first prototype

The reception

The prototype was finished in April 2016 and its premiere was at the Reboot Develop 2016 games developer conference, where it became an instant hit.

The key people in the gaming industry, both indie and AAA, gave us some fanstastic feedbacks. Here are just some of them:

“I just played one of the coolest games ever... Clockwork Briefcase from Perpetuum Games Studio”

– Phil Elliott, Square Enix
on Twitter

“Clockwork Briefcase wins my coolest puzzle game and the ‘sure to get @tha_rami arrested if he owned it’ awards.”

– Rami Ismail, Vlambeer
on Twitter

“Who needs VR when you have Clockwork Briefcase!”

– Pavel Dobrovsky, LEVEL Magazine
on Twitter

Gameplay moments at Reboot Develop 2016 conference


We not only entered the finals of all startup competitions we applied for, but we also won cool prizes:

Media coverage

Wherever we came the media went crazy! It is hard to find TV station, portal, magazine or newspaper which did not feature the Clokwork Briefcase.

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